Expected results


The project results are connected to the project aim and specific objectives as follows:

OS1. enhance the professional development of 154 adult educators by equipping them with important knowledge, improved abilities and behaviours needed to make them more flexible in adapting their educational tools to the need of a resistant and Euroscepting generation of senior artisans – we will develop an attractive on-line interface that will include the three intellectual outputs.

Other results connected to the first objective:

  • 10 full training days grouped in two short-term joint staff training events – one aiming to make participants familiar with IO2 (testing it, in this way, at transnational level of professionals in adults’ education) and to initiate them in the project (partners, activities, expected results etc. – as they will be active parts in the project by its end) and in the theoretical educational framework (based on Kolb’s experiential learning cycle) and to contribute to participatory research for IO1. (5 days) and one aiming to to reinforce participants’ knowledges, abilities and behaviours gained during local activities for piloting IO2 by offering them an international experience and direct contact with senior adult learners (5 days)
  • 21 professionals in adults’ education (3/partner) participating to these events
  • 140 professionals in adults’ education (20/partner) participating in the local ToT for piloting O2
  • 7 reports about the pilot testing on professionals in adults’ education (1/partner country) – a compilation of these reports will be included in IO1
  • exchange of practices on how organisations/institutions from Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain and UK work with senior learners – particularly those with a high level of EU-scepticism

OS2. increase the entrepreneurial and ICT competencies at the level of 280 senior artisans and fostering European identity and awareness both at their level and at the level of at least 21 small communities they are living in – by developing and testing new, innovative and flexible (easy to adapt) training materials that use the expertise of 7 countries

  • the second and third intellectual outputs
  • 5 full training days of international blended mobility (30 hours – 18 in attendance+12 distance learning)
  • 21 senior artisans (3/partner) participating to this event
  • 7 reports about the pilot testing on senior artisans (1/partner country) – a compilation of these reports will be included in IO1
  • exchange of experiences directly among 21 seniors (during C2) and indirectly (on-line) among other 259 senior artisans from Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain and UK –
  • that will develop their European citizenship and awareness

Results of the cross-sectorial activities implementation

  • project website – that will make available all project outcomes, photo-galleries, movies etc.
  • visibility materials
  • about 40 press articles (20 in Romania and 2-3 in each of other partner’s country) about the project, two TV broadcast on a local Romanian TV channel
  • 6 newsletters about project evolution, activities, results – sent to over 1400 professionals in adult education (about 200 in each partners’ country)


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