Kick-off meeting at Pro Xpert

57597576_2383857988562537_5229892671731924992_n copyOn 10th December we had the kick-off meeting at the level of Pro Xpert Association, hosted by one of our partner in Râmnicu Vâlcea. It was a very shiny winter day and we were glad to be together.

58376161_646864605756861_3712165965081870336_n copyThere were 12 participants – the project team and other members and volunteers of the organisation. The president of the organisation made a short introduction of the project (aim, objectives, activities, the other partners, tasks and responsibilities for each organisation and person). We were also very glad to know mr Gabriel Medvedov, one of the most famous local artist (and the inspiration for this project, as the manager confessed us)

58032976_289778515307939_5807890348017451008_n copyThen we ha a short debate of the Romanian crafts sector, we split in  groups and try to identify, from participants’ point of view, the main element of a SWOT analysis. This will be the starting point for the es research included in IO1


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