First transnational meeting in attendance – Wroclav, Poland


The second transnational meeting (in fact the first in attendance) of the project New Educational Approaches for IT and Entrepreneurial Literacy of Senior Artisans  took place between 6th – 7thJuly 2022 in a place made available by our Polish partner on Wrocławskie Centrum Wspierania Organizacji Pozarządowych Sektor3, Legnicka street 65, Wrocław.


  • self-evaluate first 20 months project progress (with one year break, all delays and how to make up for the lost time)
  • analyse the evolution of working at the intellectual output O1
  • present the draft of IO2, feedback from partners
  • plan the C1 and local activities for senior artisans (each partner will describe the final group of seniors they will work with – age group, location, type of handicraft they practice etc. and the planned arrangement – space, logistic etc. for the piloting activities)
  • review the visibility tools and update the dissemination plan

IMG_20220707_111549There were 8 participants from ProXpert, Nkey, Real Time and host, CBS, in attendance and other 6 – from Training to Malta, Mad for Europe and Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante joined on-line.

The meeting started on 6th July at 1430 with a welcoming session held by Mrs. Beata Partyka – President of the Board of Polish partner: Centrum Edukacji i Badan Spolecznych.

Then we discussed about the overall state of play of our project. First Silvia Petre – president of the coordinating organization: Association Pro Xpert – informed participants about the approval of the addendum we submitted in February 2022, for extending the period of the project. As the addendum was approved, the new end ate of the project is 31st July 2023.

We also presented the conclusions of the monitoring visit that took part on 23rd May 2022.

The next session was dedicated to IO1 ”ArITsan Feedstock”We reviewed the stage each partner is in developing this activity – some partners already finished, others are at the middle of the process. As Nkey did the greatest job by now 9they uploaded all the interviews) we watched the interviews of Martino Landi (Sacred art sculptor) and Antonino Tringali Casanuova (business man). We also shown a part of the interview that Pro Xpert had with Mr. Claudiu Năsui, Chairman of the Entrepreneurship and Tourism Committee from the Deputy Chamber of Romanian Parliament, former Minister of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

IMG_20220706_192049After watching these movies Mrs. Beata Partyka introduced us the template for processing the information from the interviews. We agreed to finish al the interviews by the end of July and fill the excel file such as CEBS could be process the information and finish this chapter of IO1.

Then we had a session related to the project management tools and, in the last part we had a Q&A session.

The second day started with a presentation of the work done by now at IO2 ”ArITsan Process”We also  informed all partners that the first LTT – ”How to train senior artisans in entrepreneurship and ICT” should take place between 3rd – 7th October 2022.

After lunch we come back and reviewed the visibility tools. ProXpert created the project website –  https://ar-its-an.org/ the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Ar-I-T-san-102757699090026 and instagram arITsan Erasmus.

After the coffee break, we basically continued the discussion about IO3. As Real Time is the responsible with this output, we debated with them (Clive and David) on the content and the structure. We presented the site that inspired us when we wrote the project, https://mbq.ro/ and some movies (like this) that should be uploaded on the platform.

In the last part of the meeting we discussed about the next TPM and agreed on the period: 28-29 November.

Finally the host organisation prepared for us the certificates, we had a short Q&A session (we hadn’t any question, only some partners had comments related to the period established for the second TPM but we agreed that we can’t postpone, as we are already in a very big delay and we need to compress our activities.




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