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The Second Joint Staff Training Event

The third LTT took part in Porto, Portugal, together with the second one. It gathered 7 professionals in adults’ education – 1 from each partner’s organisation.
The training aimed to reinforce participants’ knowledges, abilities and behaviours gained during local activities for piloting IO2 by offering them an international experience and direct contact with senior adult learners.
The agenda (available here https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1DAGFjqlSuRmFLGwJSsDGlA5sXevjy3H0) included theoretical presentations and practical activities. But most important was the interaction between the two categories of participants – professionals in adults’ education (taking part in C3) and senior artisans (taking part in C2). In fact we planned these two activities in the same time as an essential pillar in the project architecture, that offered an unique opportunity both to professionals in adult’s education and senior artisans to act together in a multicultural environment and begin their transformation into ”change-makers” in their communities. or senior artisans it worked in an excellent way and the trainers (who also acted as group leaders for them) had a relevant contribution in this direction.
The activity begun with a warmup exercise that allowed participants to introduce themselves, their previous experience in adults’ education topics and share, in a few words, some impressions about the local ToT they took part. Then we have presentations of the second draft of IO2 (after processing the feedbacks from participants to the LTT in UK). After the coffee break we split participants in two groups who worked to improve the chapters from IO2 related to entrepreneurship, taking into account the feedbacks collected from professionals in adult’s education after the local ToTs. A similar workshop took part right after lunch, focused on the chapter related to digital competencies. In the last part we presented the results of the working groups, a Q&A session and we explain participants the ”homework” for next day: to discuss with the senior artisans participants in C2 and collect their impression related to the international dimension of the activity (we recommended a few guiding questions like ”What did I learn from one or some other participants? What did the others learn from me? Did I really feel uncomfortable because of the language barriers?” etc). This ”homework” aimed not only to add an extra evaluation tool to the blended mobility but also to facilitate and strength the contact between professionals in adults’ education and senior learners.
The second day included training activities related to non-formal education methods and tools aiming to increase European Citizenship and awareness at the level of Eurosceptic senior learners. We started with a presentation, ”The added value of European dimension of the project” (available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1m7yEvnqOKTB9RUFJg54T5BBiP2-BCXLU) and then we introduced participants in the digital platform https://seniorcrafts.nkey.it/, explain them how to support the senior artisans in main an account and what relevant aspects they need to take into account when they wrote their CV. After the coffee break we had a workshop where each participant presented a case study – a non-formal education method/tool that he/she used before with good results in activities focused on increasing European Citizenship and awareness at the level of Eurosceptic senior learners and after participants created a picture(matrix) with comparative SWOT aspects for each method.
After lunch we had a workshop focused on improving the chapters from IO2 related to European Citizenship and awareness, taking into account not only the feedbacks collected from professionals in adult’s education after the local ToTs but also the presentations and activities developed in the previous day. In the last part participants shared their „homework” and, based on this, we discussed about the impact of European dimension of the project on senior artisans who take part in C2, after the first day.
The last three days participants worked together with senior artisans who took part in C2. In the third day the trainers supported artisans in learning how to use the Internet in general and the platform (IO3) in particular. They wrote a report about the main issues artisans faced with in their work. The fourth day all participants visited relevant places for the activity of our Portuguese partner and last day we we gathered here both participants to C2 and C3 at the headquarter of Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante, in Gondomar.
The activity has contributed to reaching the first objective of the project, ”enhancing the professional development of 154 adult educators by equipping them with important knowledge, improved abilities and behaviours”


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