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Third transnational meeting in attendance – Porto/Gondomar – Portugal

The fourth transnational meeting ( third in attendance) took place in Porto and Gondomar – Portugal, hosted by Portuguese partner Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante. We started in Porto in a meeting room offered by Casa das Associações – FAJDP and we continued after lunch in the headquarter of ASRCBFVA (Rua Manuel Alves Vieira, nb 19, Gondomar)
There were 7 participants from all 7 partner organisations in attendance.

  • preparing the second interim report
  • analyse the feedback of participants to the local ToTs and how to improve the IO2
  • familiarise with the local context Portuguese partner is working in

The meeting started with a welcome speech from mr Fernando Duarte, Executive Director of Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante. He presented us some activities of the organisation, especially those dedicated to seniors.
Then the coordinator (representative of Pro Xpert) lead the discussions about reviewing the evidence of administrative documents (travel documents, timesheets, contracts etc.) needed for the second interim report. We checked what documents are already uploaded on the google drive (here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1e4__emxU7a3gQNfCgeZgQeoF3TxgvTRZ) and ask partners to complete this task (as no one hasn’t all the documents updated) We also reviewed the financial rules and the bilateral agreements signed with each partner.
After the coffee break each participant had an about 10 minutes presentation related to the local ToT-s and how to improve the IO2. We also discussed a few elements related to IO, the platform, as all participants to the TPM had some consultations with their participants to C2 and C3 the day before.
In the second part of the day we visited one of the places managed by our Portuguese partner: ”The Social Centre” – a place fur supporting seniors by organising different social, recreational and cultural activities for them (like dance classes, music band, chess club etc). Some of the members of this centre will take part in the local piloting activities for senior artisans.
In the evening we have a common dinner with participants to C2 and C3.


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