MAD for Europe – Spain


MAD for Europe has been constituted as an international nonprofit organisation that aspires to bring Europe to all people and it is aimed at improving the quality of life of all Europeans with activities and programs like Erasmus +, LLP, Horizon2020, Europe for Citizens, EYF, Creative Europe, with educational projects to integrate people with problems or socially excluded into our society and provide them with a better future, helping them develop their own talents and qualities.

Since our inception the importance of both social and cultural projects has been our primary concern, because the development and education of people depends on cultural awareness.

We have a great team and shall go forward together, step by step, so that our association as one small grain of sand may contribute to the growth, equity and welfare of the individuals. MAD for Europe is a reference training and VET institution in Madrid – capital of Spain, cultural and financial centre of the country, as well as one of the most animated and liveable cities in the world.

The organization is active in the labour market and in the fields of Education, Training and Culture. Our paths are focused on entrepreneurship, creative industries, social work and voluntary services, education, training and promotion of new technologies, culture and art.

We realize that our goal is the educational and professional growth of the person, whether young or old, for this we have great experience. Among our most important functions there are the management and implementation of projects in order to encourage citizen participation, European mobility, youth and adult exchanges, the realisation of a wide range of specialised training courses, support for young unemployed, reintegration of people with inclusion problems in our society, language training and the promotion of the artistic and historical heritage. Besides we work for the certification of professional skills in ITC and foreign languages sectors according to the European Union’s standards and supporting the lifelong education of all people.

One of our priorities is the social inclusion and the professional integration of vulnerable groups excluded by their origin, ethnicity, culture and religion (children, young people, women, the elderly, immigrants in particular, people with disabilities). At the same time we promote equal opportunities between men and women and we fight against exploitation and violence. We complete any kind of mobility project, providing high quality internship and study programs, training courses for teachers and staff, job shadowing, seminars and professional or technical visits, language courses, according to the European Quality Charter for Mobility. Our extensive involvement in international mobility and in cultural development is a guarantee of quality and professionalism that we provide to our participants’ experiences. Every year MAD for Europe works in the submission of several European and National projects and, at the same time, operates in Madrid as hosting organization for many participants from all around Europe.

Through the organization of numerous cultural activities, transnational strategic partnerships and social works we pursue to achieve the adaptation and integration into society of all people; for this we organise guided tours, cultural visits, food and wine routes, hiking trails, info desk and workshops for unemployed people, linguistic exchanges, among others.

Our department Erasmus + is multilingual, composed of an international team, who speaks fluently Spanish, English, Italian and French.

With reference to this project, the designated team is composed of professionals and youth workers with extensive experience in strategic partnerships, project designing, facilitating, coordinating and training, both at local and international levels.

Their competencies will be used in order to prepare the target group for this inter-cultural experience, to share all the useful information, and moreover, to contribute at the follow-up of the project, dissemination, visibility and exploitation of the results.

In addition to this at MAD for Europe, we always collaborate with secondary schools and their professional and educational development.