The project has a “cascade approach” that will involved a bigger and bigger number of participants in 2 types of activities:

  1. Transnational activities
    • Project meetings – that will bring together people from the management teams of all partners for assuring a proper management of the project (scheduling, budgeting, reporting and control, communications, risk management and administrative support), monitoring the activities and the project progress, analyze the results and self-evaluation.
    • Transnational learning activities – there will be two joint staff training events and one blended moiloity for learners
  2. Local activities
    • Local ToT-s – in each partner’s country the 4 participants to the training from Rome organized (between 1 September – 30 December 2019) one or more ToT that involved minimum 20 professionals in adults’ education (trainers, tutors, facilitators, lecturers etc.)
    • Tailored learning activities for low skilled/qualified adults – that represent in fact a transnational research activity aiming to develop another important intellectual output – ”10 Different Amici” – an empirical comparative study on how the autobiographical method worked on 10 different target groups (1 group of migrants and 1 of ethnic minorities from each partner country) – with recommendation and “tips&tricks” for future users.

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