All partners were previously been involved in similar projects – not only strategic partnerships focused on education (Erasmus + and previous LLL) but also in projects related to culture, crafts and seniors’ non-formal education (Training for Malta is the only partner who wasn’t involved in Erasmus + last three years but they have a long experience in Lifelong Learning and Erasmus + projects).

All partners are ready to face the new aims of the project and work to reach them.

Even with three from the organisation we haven’t a previous cooperation we worked with persons from them and we developed successfully projects during previous Lifelong Learning Programme, as shown below:

Association Pro Xpert

Our organisation is the link between all partners and the initiator of this project (the idea was sent last year to all partners and we have a constructive debate during last months) We decided to assume the project coordination as we have a strong experience in multinational partnership and working with seniors (we developed 3 Senior Volunteers Exchanges, in the last one we worked with persons that now are leaders of Training for Malta and MAD for Europe). We were coordinating a Strategic Partnership. We also have a strong experience in developing educational materials as we developed over 100 trainings since our organisation was established and relevant partnerships with public and private structures dealing with arts/culture/handicraft sector and nonformal education for seniors.

Nkey SRL

Nkey is an organisation with a long-standing expertise in education and social work, whose representatives we met first time in a Grundtvig Workshop in 2014. They bring in the project a strong expertise in adult education (both by formal and non-formal ways) and with important connections in Italian crafts sector. They will also have a relevant contribution to C1

Training to Malta

Training to Malta is an organisation we didn’t work before but we had successful cooperation with its legal representative during more LLL projects, most relevant for this application are GRANDMA-PC (a Grundtvig partnership focused on intergenerational learning, where youngsters and seniors learned from and taught each other) and ECHHHSE (a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership about social economy – mainly in traditional crafts sector). They will bring in the project a relevant experience in adults’ education and a particular approach of artisan sector in connection with tourism

Real Time Ltd

Real Time Ltd. is an organisation we work with in an Erasmus + KA2 strategic partnership (StoryDec) project and we were amazed by their experience in educational tools based on participatory media and in their hard work with different vulnerable groups as migrants, ex-prisoners, drug addicted etc. They bring in the project a strong expertise in teaching ICT to a wide range of people and relevant connections with senior artisans from migrant groups (from Asia and Africa) – that’s why we give them the main responsibility in organising and developing C1 and coordination of IO3

Education and Social Research Centre

Centrum Edukacji i Badan Spolecznych (CEBS) is an organisation whose representatives we met first time in the same Grundtvig Workshop when we met Nkey (in 2014). We are working with them (and Nkey) in a project based on using virtual reality movies in intercultural education of small communities. It is the partner with the strongest experience in social sciences and educational research, also in developing training materials especially based on Kolb’s model, so we charge them with IO1.

Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante 

Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Fazer Vai Avante is another organisation we didn’t work before, but we had an excellent collaboration with some of their staff members during the ECHHHSE LdV partnership (mentioned above). We kept the contact with them as we were very impressed by the goldsmith artisans we met in Gondomar (during a ECHHHSE project meeting). They are the partner with the strongest experience in working with seniors, as elders represents the main target group organisation is working with. From this reason (and because they are living in an area with unique handicraft workshops) they will organize and host C2 and C3

MAD for Europe

MAD for Europe is an organisation we didn’t work before but we had successful cooperation with its contact person in the same GRANDMA-PC and ECHHHSE projects (in fact both this organisation and Training to Malta come from the same NGO ”mother”) They bring in the project a relevant experience in adults education and contacts with two very old, unique and in a high risk of disappearing handicrafts from Cordoba region.


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