ArITsan Feedstock

The first IO is the ”foundation” (but also the ”roof”) for the whole project and include an overall view of the ”state of art” in each country, common points and possible areas of transferability. In this respect we will develop a research during the whole project, in three main steps:

1. Desk research related to Crafts sector – will include a first general part, with overall description of the sector at national level, national legislation, some statistic data and a collection of 14 personal success stories – 2 senior artisans from each partner country

2. Participatory research – including series of 7-8 structured interviews in each partner’s country, aiming to assess the training needs of the final beneficiaries of this project, and a second party with conclusions after piloting O2 (the training kit) on at least 20 artisans (50+ and low level of entrepreneurial and ICT competences)

3. Policy recommendation – from each chapter but also from feedbacks collected during all project activities – including multiplying events – we will collect some recommendation both

ArITsan Process

This is a training it that will define an educational path to be used by professionals in adults’ education dealing with senior artisans with strong handicraft skills but illiterate in entrepreneurship and ICT and with a high level of Euroscepticism. It will be tested at three levels:

  1. transnational one – during the first LTT (for profesionals in aduts’ education) and second LTT (for senior artisans)
  2. local level – in two steps:
    • professionals in adults’ education – 140 persons (20 in each partner’s country)
    • senior artisans – 280 persons (20 in each partner’s country)

ArITsan Products

An online platform with stories of senior artisans from the whole world


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