First LTT – How to train senior artisans in entrepreneurship and ICT

The first training will take place in Reading, UK, for 5 full working days. It will gather 14 professionals in adults’ education (trainers with a relevant experience in developing trainings for adults, proved with CV and recommendations) – 2/partner’s organisation, with medium knowledge of English. They should sign an agreement with sending organisations according to they will continue to be actively engage in the project by its end.

The training event is crucial for partner organisations to obtain mutual understanding of the methodology applied for the intellectual outputs elaboration and has a big influence on the proper process of it’s creation, since the output involve critical aspects such as participants’ direct involvement – the biggest challenge, as we address to senior learners resistant to lifelong learning process.

The training aims to make participants familiar with IO2 (testing it, in this way, at transnational level of professionals in adults’ education) and to initiate them in the project (partners, activities, expected results etc. – as they will be active parts in the project by its end) and in the theoretical educational framework (based on Kolb’s experiential learning cycle) and to contribute to participatory research for IO1.

The training is based on Kolb’s experiential learning cycle (described in the general part). Participants will learn about this theory but will also apply it on themselves. The learning outcomes are grouped in 2 categories:

  1. Improved knowledges related to:
    – the project
    – the theoretical educational approach (Kolb’s cycle, entrepreneurship and ICT, European values, identity and awareness)
    – technical aspects related to on-line marketing and other modern tools to improve small business focused on hand-made/crafts
  2. Improved abilities/skills in:
    – communication in a foreign language
    – use social media and on-line marketing tool in promoting their activities/projects
    – adapt theoretical concepts (knowledge) into intellectual output creation
    – promote more actively the European values, identity and awareness
    – moreover, as participants are professionals in adults’ education the training will contribute to developing their facilitating and mentoring skills.


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