ArITsan Products

This output will support professionals in adults’ education to illustrate their training activities with relevant visual materials connected to the topic, making them, in this way, more attractive. For adults’ learners this on-line resource will have a double role: to facilitate their educational process but also to support them in marketing their products.

The Digital Archive will be built on an online platform that will allow users to upload their ”story of a product”. It will be connected to the project website but it will have a separate domain address and could be accessed directly.

During C2 and the local piloting activities senior artisans will learn, among other topics, how to develop a movie that could multiply the saleability of a product (not only technical aspects but, most important, marketing related aspects). They will learn how to sell not only the product but also the story behind it – as especially in hand-made and crafts sector the story is the main added value that make a product more sealable than another (made by other artisan or simply by robots in a factory).

Each participant will select at least 1 product and develop a demonstrative movie, digital story or other presentation – in their mother tongue (partner organisations will make a short English translation). So in the first stage the Digital Archive will contain 280 files – movies or other type of presentations made by the 21 participants to C2 and other participants from local piloting activities (an example of such a movie could be watched here) Each file will have maximum 2 minutes.

We will also upload other representative movies or stories (as the one already mentioned) and during the multiplying events we will invite participants to promote as wider as possible the digital archive &to upload any relevant material related to a story of a handmade object.

The structure of the digital archive will be discussed and agreed by all partners at the third TPM (a consultation in this respect will also take part during C1).

It will include a section about the project (partners, activities, links to the other outputs) a registration (sign-up) section and a section “share the story of your product”. The (sign-up section will allow people to register as personal or organisational users (for people working in family businesses or small companies). We will ask just a few information (username and password, name, e-mail, organisation) then users could add more details in their account. Also the registration page will include a section with privacy policy and anyone should agree with it before subscription.

Once registered, users could:

  • insert one or more videos, stories or other type of presentations;
  • accessing guide materials, tutorials or other resources that could help them to create movies or other type of stories that could multiply the saleability of their products
  • consult the movies already uploaded, according to various research criteria (by country, by theme, etc.).

There will be a list of categories (ex. sewing, weaving, knitting, basketry, woodworking, pottery, jewellery making, rare traditional handicrafts etc – the list will be agreed by all partners during the third TPM) and users could select maximum 3 such labels for their movies.

The platform will also include a forum section – where persons interested in the topic could interact, comment on different movies and change opinions, experiences, different situations they face with (in order to avoid any difficult situation the comments will be moderated).

This output is innovative as is the first virtual place that gather together ”stories of products” hand-made by artists working in a wide range of crafts and European regions. It will be an on-line museum of arts and crafts across Europe, from which many of them are in danger of disappearing – like ” Cordoban” from Spain, shoesmaker (opincar) in Romania, golden filigree from Portugal etc. It will be a merry, coloured and very much alive representation of EU slogan ”Unity in Diversity”, having a strong impact on senior artisans who will discover themselves as parts of this precious treasure and strongly increase their European awareness. It will be also an important educational resource not only for seniors but also for any kind of activity related to culture, traditions, heritage, arts and – not at least – European values, identity and diversity, for learners of all ages – and this represents the transferability potential of the output.

The expected impact at the level of our project is an increased visibility and a better recognition of our results. But we expect a stronger impact on the whole community of professionals in education (for all ages and both formal and non-formal methods)

As a long term impact we expect at least to begin an education at the buyers’ level, to convince consumers to buy ”the story behind the product” (as there is already a trend in this respect