NKey srl – Italy

logoNeyNKey srl is located in Santa Croce sull’Arno, a small town in central Tuscany, halfway between Pisa and Florence, in a heavily industrialized area. It was born and developed as a qualified and expert company in the IT sector and in the research and development of integrated systems and services for business innovation. Our Staff is composed by 20 people (8 employee and 12 collaborators).

Services and products include application development and management, information, analysis, simplification, aggregation, security certification, research and adoption of new information and communications technologies. Its passion for continuous research and development, soon led Nkey to broaden its range of action in the field of VET dedicated first to companies and their employers and consequently to common people, both young, students and adults.

Thanks to the acquired expertise and training vocation, Nkey started to cooperate with public bodies, training and employment agencies, municipalities, schools. 

Today NKey is a recognised training center for IT, graphics and web design, foreign languages, Italian for foreign students and also a flexible structure with a vast network of local and international collaborations capable of providing support, assistance and know-how in both the technological and Erasmus+ projects design fields.

NKey organises (both internally and collaborating with public bodies, municipalities and vocational training and job placement schools) training courses in:

  • computer courses including the achievement of the exam for the European computer driving license (ECDL-ICDL)
  • European computer driving licence, Health sector, European quality driving licence EQDL,V.B.net programmer Computer
  • Literacy courses.
  • Customized courses for businesses
  • Graphic and visual communication
  • Foreign languages and L2 Italian for migrants.
  • and offers support for students from all schools and universities in any subject thanks to the cooperation with a wide range of experts and teachers.

A particular interest in sustaining all those young people who have abandoned school thanks to the cooperation with pubic and private employment agencies and training school

In the last 3 years it has carried out :

  • 17 courses of L2 (300 participants);
  • 21 courses addressed to young people dropped out from school);
  • Courses addressed to workers and unemployed (236 participants).

Nkey was on the official LLP study Visit Organizer for catalogue 2013 nr. 156 title: ‘’Cooperation between the worlds of education and work.’’

The company has participated to two CEDEFOP study visit including one in Poland “Voluntary service as a pathway to competences and mobility” establishing content and useful contacts to collaborate in this project.

In 2013 the NKEY staff acquired expertise in the management of international projects and established a significant network of international relations and sensitized the local network of public and private institutions with the study visit nr. 156, the Grundtvig Workshop “BECOMING PROTAGONIST OF TANNERY LIFE “, a project to sustain and develop the consciousness of craftsmanship value in the leather district supported by The Municipality of San Miniato, Pisa.

Furthermore, in 2014, Nkey collaborated in the workshop Grundtvig “ABC CAMP: Adult Basic Competencies Camp for teaching and staff within adult literacy field”, on topics related training VET and the world Labour about the opportunities offered by the LLP Erasmus Plus Project.

In 2015 Nkey supported Differenza Donna ONG in Rome in the management of KA1 project ‘’ Improving organization, methodology and techniques around Europe in the Anti-Violence Adult Education Centres’’.

Nkey supports and collaborates with a varieties of volunteer associations given a strong signal to the activity, because of direct contact with migrants , the knowledge of their stories and their difficulties led us to investigate the problems that hinder social inclusion , employment, housing and , consequently, to organize opportunities for training , raising awareness and political action.

Following a reflection on the fundamental role played by the public school in the process of integration between the new generations of Italians and children born to foreign parents, we decided to start working in this area also into adult education sector.

Nkey is also active on several fronts :

  • the defense of the rights of citizenship and commitment to a sustainable future for people and the environment
  • it is an active cultural center in Lower Valdarno and in the province of Pisa, established in the field of intercultural education and training for the relevant expertise.