Third LTT – New Artisans’ Masters

The third LTT will take part in Porto, Portugal, together with the second one. Developing simultaneous these 2 LTT is essential in the project architecture, at it will offer an unique opportunity both to professionals in adult’s education and senior artisans (taking part in C2) to act together in a multicultural environment and begin their transformation into ”changemakers” in their communities.

It will gather 7 professionals in adults’ education (trainers, tutors, facilitators, lecturers etc.) – 1 from each partner’s organisation, selected from the participants to the local activities for piloting IO2 (this will be a kind of ”reward” for the most active and involved participants, mentioned at the beginning of local activities). They will have medium knowledge of English, a strong experience in working with adults (working with seniors is a plus but not compulsory) – proven by their CV and recommendation letters. They will sign an agreement with sending organisations according to they will continue to be actively engage in the project by its end.

The training aims to reinforce participants’ knowledges, abilities and behaviours gained during local activities for piloting IO2 by offering them an international experience and direct contact with senior adult learners. Participants will also have an important contribution to the participatory research included in IO1. The training is strongly interconnected with C2, in order to facilitate and strength the contact between professionals in adults’ education and senior learners.

The first day (while seniors from C2 take part in attendance training) we will introduce to participants in C3 the IO1 – particularly the participatory research part. Each participant will present the evaluation after piloting IO2 on senior artisans in his/her country and then they will create together a common document -including similarities, differences, particularities in each national context etc. In the evening participants both to C3 and C2 will visit a local artisans’ workshops in Gondomar (Porto Metropolitan Area) where we will organize an exhibition with hand-made objects from seniors taking part in C2 (and other intercultural activities aiming to contribute to increase European identity and awareness)

The second day includes training activities related to non-formal education methods and tools aiming to increase European Citizenship and awareness at the level of Eurosceptic senior learners. It is also an interactive day, each participant will present a case study (a method that he/she used before with good results) and in the second part they will create a picture(matrix) with comparative SWOT aspects for each method. They will apply these methods on participants to C2 in the next days (as non-formal activities focused on European identity, values and awareness)

The last three days participants will guide and support seniors taking part in C2 – we will create multinational groups (one trainer and 3 learners from different countries) in order to deepen the European dimension of the activity.

The results are grouped in two categories:

  1. related to the IO – s: the chapter of IO1 related to comparative study of impact of IO2 on the senior artisans and a set of recommendations (from professionals in adults’ education after 5 days of working in an international environment) for improving IO2
  2. related to the learning outcomes:
    – improved communication in a foreign language
    – improved skills in adapting theoretical concepts (knowledge) into intellectual output creation
    – particularly in working with senior learners and in a multicultural environment
    – improved capacity and motivation to promote more actively the European values, identity and awareness
    – improved facilitating and mentoring skills – particularly in working with senior learners and in a multicultural environment

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